YouTube As Paid More Than $30 Billion to Content Creators in The Past Three Years

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YouTube is knowing for being the most popular video-sharing website on the planet, and the second most popular website in the world.

Can you believe this? YouTube as paid more than $30 billion to content creators in the past three years, this is something that worth knowing.

Over the years, some social media like Instagram and Tiktok has been in the race to compete or succeed more than YouTube, but they all failed. YouTube is the World most popular video-sharing site and the second most popular website in the world.

YouTube as grown up to have 2 million users and companies creating original contents for the platform.

YouTube Short is another thing to talk about, content creators on YouTube can now monetize the YouTube Shorts.

As side from making money from your YouTube videos, you can also monetize the YouTube Short video.

YouTube value content creators on the platform a lot, and they are trying every possible way to satisfy them more.

The YouTube Short was introduced this year and you can now monetize it as well.

I think YouTube will continue being the content creators home everywhere in the world.

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