Introducing Ella: Tecno Virtual Voice Assistant is Here

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Tecno recently introduced it own virtual assistant just like the Google assistant. The virtual assistant is called “Ella”, which can be used normally like we use Google assistant for tasks on Android.

Samsung own Bixby, Google own Assistant, and Tecno own Ella. This feature was first integrated in their latest premium Android phone known as “Tecno Phantom X”. The Phantom X is the first Android phone from Tecno with Premium look, and first time Tecno is launching a Flagship device.

How Tecno Ella Works

If you’re used to Google assistant or Samsung Bixby, then you shouldn’t ask this question because we all know that their all the same but different brand.

Tecno Ella is just to assistant you to do some tasks on your Tecno device with voice. Like searching Google with your voice, like adjusting phone brightness with your voice.

This is just like any other virtual assistant on Android or even iOS, just like Apple Siri.

How to Get Tecno Ella on Your Phone

Actually, this feature was introduced on Tecno flagship device, I don’t know if the midrange device would have the feature, but I believe they should do. The virtual assistant is new and it needs more updates to make it works flawlessly.

In case you want this feature, you can buy Tecno Phantom X to get the feature. I’ll let you know later if the feature is available on other Tecno phones.


Tecno Ella assistant is new and young, Google assistant was introduced in 2016 and Samsung Bixby was introduced 2017, Tecno Ella was introduced this year 2021. So we expect to see updates for the virtual assistant and to compete with others. This virtual assistant can’t compete with others right now as it’s new and it needs improvement.

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