How To Opt-Out, Deactivate, Stop And Cancel Airtel Auto-Renew Data (Monthly, Daily, Weekly Data Plans)

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Do you want to know how you can opt-out, deactivate, stop and cancel Airtel data plans?

Not everyone likes the way Airtel auto-renew a data subscription after you exhausted the data. At times, we plan to use our airtime balance for calls but Airtel would just auto-renew your subscription and you have little to zero airtime balance. In this case, it’s time to stop Airtel from auto-renew of your data subscription, that’s the way out.

Moreover, whenever you want to subscribe to any Airtel data plan, make sure you select a one-time purchase, so your data will be purchased at a single time without auto-renew.

So in this step-by-step tutorial, I’ll walk you through how to deactivate, cancel, stop, and opt-out of the Airtel data plan you’ve previously subscribed to.

How to Opt-Out, Deactivate, Cancel, And Stop Airtel Data Plans

Below are the ways to deactivate, cancel, stop, and opt-out of Airtel data plans, most of was taken from the Airtel website:

  • Android Bundles: *438*100#
  • Mega bundles: *408*100#
  • BB Bundle: Text STOP AUTO RENEW to 440
  • Daily/Weekly bundles: Text STOP to 141

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