MTN Pulse NightLife Bundle Code: How To Subscribe and Check Mtn Nigeria Night Plan Data Balance

MTN nightlife bundle is one of the best if you want to download at night, you can download as many as you want if you subscribe to the nightlife. It’s not unlimited, it’s capped like other normal data plans.

The only difference is that you can’t use the Nightlife data bundle midday, your browsing must commence at 11:00 pm of the night you subscribed, otherwise your nightlife bundle would be expired.

You can’t use the MTN nightlife data bundle after the night you subscribed, and you can’t be subscribed higher than the 2GB nightlife data per night. The 2GB nightlife data can be acquired with ₦200. 2GB is the maximum of data you can purchase per night, then you wait till the next day before you subscribe again.

It’s unfortunate that some people still search for “how to check mtn night plan data balance”, “how to check mtn 25 naira night plan data balance”, “how to check mtn 500MB night plan data balance”, “how to check mtn pulse night plan data balance”, “how to cancel mtn night plan”. If you stumbled upon this post, kindly know that I’ll provide answers to all queries people are searching on Google concerning MTN Nightlife Bundle.

Nightlife bundle

What’s MTN Nightlife Bundle

MTN Nightlife bundle is a data plan for Night browsers to download, stream, and surf the internet for a cheap price. That’s when you see people browse at night, download and stream at night. The normal time for the commencement of the night bundle is 11:00 pm and ended exactly 6:00 am. This means your bundle can only be used from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am. Additionally, you can only purchase up to 2GB per night.

I think this is good if you want to download games, it’s a plus if you have a two MTN Sim, you could subscribe for the two Sim and you imagine you will upto 4GB for just ₦200.

I think this is good if you want to download large files. The reason it’s called night plan is because it’s usable from 11:00pm to 6:00am, including public holidays and weekends.

How to Subscribe And Activate MTN Nigeria Nightlife Bundle

It’s very much easier to subscribe and activate MTN night bundle, all you have to is below:

  1. Dial *406# on your phone, or dial *406*3# and skip second step below
  2. Then select 3 which is the Nightlife Bundle
  3. Select any of the two options which are the ₦25 to get 250MB or ₦50 to get 500MB Night data.
  4. Remember that you can subscribe multiple times but don’t forget 2GB is the limit per night

What Happened When You Exceed The 2GB Limit At A Night

This is what happened, let’s say you’ve subscribed to MTN nightlife bundle with ₦200, which is the amount to reach the limit of 2GB. When your subscriptions surpassed ₦200, let’s says you’ve subscribed up to ₦300 that’s 3GB nightlife data. Since you’ve exceeded the limit, MTN would stopped your data connections immediately you used 2GB out of the 3GB, the other 1GB night data balance can be reused the next night.

You can’t surpass the limit, but it’s usable the next night.

How to Check MTN Nigeria Nightlife Data Bundle

To check MTN Nigeria nightlife data bundle there are two ways:

  • Text 2 to 131, this is normally used for checking MTN data balance. It can show your night plan bundle balance too.

—How to Check MTN Nigeria Nightlife Data Balance

The second option is to check it by dialing *406#

  • Then select 3, and select 3 again to check night data balance.
  • Alternatively, you can easily dial *406*3*3# .

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