How to Prevent People From Adding You to Telegram Groups

Have you been having issues being added to groups on Telegram by someone? Do you know you can stop that from happening? Yes, you can.

Some people or let’s says some of your contacts or non-contact can add you to groups and channel on Telegram. The only way to do that is to restrict then from adding you.

There was a time I was added to some several telegram channels without my consent, I had to found solution to the problem. And today I’ll show you the solution to the problem.

It’s very easy to stop your contact or anyone from adding you to some random Telegram groups and channels.

How to Prevent Random People From Adding You to Telegram Groups

  • Open your Android or IPhone Telegram app
  • Tap on the menu icon at the top beside “Telegram”.
  • Then tap on “Settings”.
  • And Tap on “Privacy and Security”, then tap on “Groups”.
  • Under “Who Can Add Me to Group Chats”, change Everybody to My Contacts.
  • Meaning that only your contacts can add you to Telegram Group or Telegram chats.
  • And you have the option “Add Exceptions”. This option is to be used to select people from your contacts who should not be allowed to add you to groups or channels on Telegram. And you can select people who are allowed always to add you any time.
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