How to Increase WhatsApp Status Views Every day on Wassapviews

Do you want to increase your WhatsApp status views? Then you’re at the right place to get the info.

Getting a lot views on WhatsApp can be stressful at time when you have to tell people to add you on WhatsApp and you save their contacts.

More contacts is equal to more views, especially when you have active contacts. Today, I’ll walk you through the steps I’ve used before and it’s working, and you also have active contacts.

The advantage of using my trick is that you don’t have to message or beg anyone to save your contacts. All you have to do is to visit a website input your name and number, then you’re given a password to download the compiled list of the contacts, install it on your gmail and that’s all.

The number has been saved for you in the file, yours is to install and start using it.

Get More Views Using Wassapviews?

  • Visit and tap on “Submit Entry”.
  • Then you’ll be shown a form to fill your name and number. And also select your package type.
  • Then you tap on “Submit” and wait till 9:00pm to download the daily compilation file.
  • Then file can be installed by Google contacts.

After you’ve submitted the entry form. Then wait till 9:00pm to download the file consisting of 94 contacts. So you’ll continue getting 94 contacts each day of active people.

How to Download The Compiled File?

  • Visit the website again and tap on “Download”.
  • You’ll be redirected to a page to enter your password to download. Remember that you have to wait till 9:00pm to download the file.

What’s Package Type All About?

There’s nothing special about the Premium plan because I’ve used it and it’s still same 94 contacts you’re getting on both free and paid package. The slight differences is that the Free package is only for personal use, while the paid plan is for commercial use.

How Did Wassapviews Get Those Contacts?

Wassapviews has groups where people who want to increase their views meets and shares their contacts with admin to be added to the file. The majority of the contacts you’re getting from Wassapviews are WhatsApp TV creators, you should know how badly those guys are in need of viewers.

I hope you like this post, please share with friends and families. More of it coming, do you want me to write about “How to start WhatsApp TV with Strategies and Branding” on this blog, leave a comment below.

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