Glo 22X Tariff Plan — Globacom 22X Plan is Here Again And Here’s What to Know

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Have you been an active Glo user, then read this to the end. Glo is giving out 22 times bonuses to all Glo customer who are eligible for the offer. Read to the end, you may be eligible, I’ll tell you how to be eligible for the offer in this blog post.

According to Daily Trust, Glo Nigeria said on Friday that — Users will henceforth enjoy 22 times value on every recharge of ₦100 and above.

This is the best offer I’ve seen so far from telecom companies in Nigeria.

You’ll get a whopping 2,200 value when you recharge ₦100, and the main balance would be intact until you exhausted the bonuses.

This is a great value for money if you want to browse and download as you like.

What’s Glo 22x Plan?

Glo 22X is a prepaid plan which rewards you with amazing data and voice benefits every time you recharge your Glo line. You get 22 times on every recharge of ₦100 and above.

What Are The Benefits of The Glo 22x Plan?

You’ll get 22 times of every recharge, which means ₦100 gives you 2,200 value, ₦200 gives you 4,400 value, ₦500 gives you 11,000 value, ₦1000 gives you 22,000 value, and ₦5000 gives you 110,000 value. Isn’t this enticing?

  • 5GB free data every month for  3 months.
  • 22 times value (2,200%) on every N100 recharge to call ALL NETWORKS.

Who is Eligible for The Glo 22x Plan?

The Glo 22 times plan is available for every Glo users who haven’t used their Glo line for the past 30 days on any tariff plan. You are eligible if you haven’t used your Glo line for the past 30days.

Rates of 22x plan

  • Calls to other networks are charged at 75k/sec.
  • Glo to Glo calls are charged at 60k/sec.
  • SMS is charged at N4/msg from main account and N14/msg from bonus account.

How to Activate The Glo 22x Plan?

A confirmation messages will be sent to your phone after every recharge, if you’re eligible and you haven’t used your Glo line for the past 30 days then you’ll receive the confirmation messages. If you don’t receive the confirmation messages, then dial #122# to view your 22x bonus.

How to Migrate to Glo 22x Plan?

The Glo 22x plan is eligible for all Glo users on any tariff plan, all you have to do is to make sure you’ve not used your Glo line for the past 30 days.

What’s the Validity of Glo 22x Plan?

The bonus received on each recharge is valid for 7 days from the recharge date.

Have more questions, visit Glo FAQ page Here.

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