Flitaa Review: Is Flitaa Safe to Buy, Sell, And Swap Crypto in Nigeria

Hello guys, I hope you have a lovely day. Have you heard about Flitaa the new Crypto wallet in Nigeria?

Here’s my honest Flitaa review. You can buy, sell, and swap crypto in Nigeria easily.

We know it isn’t easy to buy or sell crypto in Nigeria, especially when our country banned crypto in Nigeria. The ban was to disengage all connections between crypto and bank account.

We can no longer buy crypto in Nigeria with our bank anymore. This is why a lot of crypto wallet platforms in Nigeria have been trying to help their users. In Nigeria now, all crypto wallet apps introduced the Peer-2-Peer option to buy crypto from a merchant.

Buying crypto has never been easy in Nigeria ever since the day of the ban place by Nigerian government. And here comes Flitaa to help you buy and sell crypto for free. You can also swap and also withdraw to your Nigerian bank account without ban.

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What’s Flitaa All About?

Flitaa is a Nigeria Crypto wallet to buy, sell, swap, and earn crypto currencies. It makes it easier to buy crypto currencies in Nigeria without getting ban. I’m a living witness, I’ve used the app to buy and sell crypto currencies.

In fact, I’ve used it to withdraw my crypto currencies money to my Nigeria bank account. It’s much easier than you might think.

Features of Flitaa the features

Here are some features of Flitaa you’ve to know now:

  • Instant cash deposits: Deposit cash with their multi payment options via debit card or bank transfer.
  • Buy when you want: Buy any of your supported crypto with your deposited cash in seconds.
  • Receive crypto seamlessly: Share your wallet address and receive all supported crypto currencies with ease.
  • Exchange for cash or other crypto: Sell your crypto instantly and withdraw cash or swap it for another supported crypto.
  • Send crypto for free: You don’t pay any fees when you send using your friend’s email or username.
  • Two factor authentication: We have a solid security infrastructure to make sure only you can access your assets.

How to Bypass The Crypto Ban in Nigeria on Flitaa App

Flitaa is a Nigeria Crypto platform to buy and sell crypto currencies, so they’re aware of the ban and there’s a solution to the problem. This is how it works, you can’t buy crypto with your bank card in Nigeria to avoid ban. To be on a safe side, and to bypass crypto ban in Nigeria, you have to purchase from a trader.

Flitaa make it easier by offering two fast and reliable trader with their respective Kuda Microfinance bank account. You’re to transfer minimum of ₦1,000 to the trader account and get your money deposited to your Flitaa wallet. Anyways, we’ll talk about that below, keep reading.

Is Flitaa Safe, Legit, And Reliable?

Flitaa by FLITBASE was founded in February 2021 with a primary purpose — Create the easiest to use, most secure, and transparent cryptocurrency solution for Africa. Flitaa is a new Crypto platform in Nigeria. As at the time of writing this article, Flitaa is still very safe, legit, and even reliable. Before writing this article, we’ve make sure to reach out to different people for complaints and reviews in different forums, we’ve found out it’s legit and safe to use.

How to Sign Up With Flitaa?

Signing up with Flitaa is easier than you think:

  • Firstly, the Big GradientOrange Button Above to Register.
  • Then enter the necessary information in the next webpage.
  • You’ll be sent a unique code to verify your email, and then you’ll need to create 4-digit PIN for verifying every transactions.
  • Congratulations, you just signed up with Flitaa and you can start by buying Crypto or start referring to earn Crypto.

How Does Flitaa Referral Program Works?

This can be some other source of income if you’re a serious type. You earn 0.5% of every transactions they make for life.

Meaning when you refer a friend to Flitaa and they sign up with your ref link, you’ll continue earning 0.5% of every transactions your friend or friends make for life.

  • Login to your Flitaa account, then tap on the profile icon at the top right corner
  • Then scroll down a bit and tap on Invite Friends and copy your referral link and start referring friends.

How to Verify Flitaa Account?

There are two ways to verify Flitaa account.

First Method: You need to verify your bank account and your Flitaa account name must correspond to that one on the bank you’re using for verification. This is easiest way and you’re limited to ₦1,000,000 as your maximum deposit amount of money.

Second Method: You don’t really need this, but in a way that you want to upgrade your transaction limit from ₦1,000,000 above then you can. You’ll need a valid National ID Card, Driver’s license, and International passport for verification.

Where to Download Flitaa App?


I’ve not encounter problem with Flitaa and I can say that they’re good for now after using them for more than 3 months. Flitaa is trying to be among the best crypto platform in Nigeria and globally. With their fast support and easy-to-use mobile app, they’ll accomplish their dreams so soon if it continues this way.

What have you heard about Flitaa?

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