Five (5) Apps to Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency in Nigeria Using Peer-to-peer (P2P) System

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Do you want to buy Cryptocurrency in Nigeria? If yes, then you’re at the right place. I’ll list out top five apps to buy & sell Cryptocurrency in Nigeria without getting ban.

In Nigeria, some investors are scared because of the ban of Cryptocurrency in Nigeria. Actually, Cryptocurrency wasn’t ban in Nigeria, but Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) ban the use of bank to purchase cryptocurrency. That’s mean you can’t buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria with your bank, and you can get banned if you’re caught in the act.

Buying cryptocurrency in Nigeria is easy even after the restrictions that was placed by Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). A lot of Cryptocurrency wallets in Nigeria and Outside has introduced the use of Peer-to-peer system to purchase crypto of your choice in Nigeria. This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, BS Chain, Litecoin, and others.

In case you have issues buying and selling Cryptocurrency in Nigeria, this article is definitely for you.

Without further ado, let’s get started….

Five (5) Apps to Buy And Sell Cryptocurrency in Nigeria


1. Binance

Do you know that you can buy and sell Cryptocurrency using Binance?

The Binance P2P platform was built in the late 2018, this is to enable P2P crypto exchange transactions using local currencies. Binance make it so easy that you can purchase crypto via the P2P platform with the popular mobile banking app like Chippercash and GoMoney.


2. Luno

Having over 3 million customers in Nigeria, Luno is a popular cryptocurrency wallet in Nigeria. They also introduced P2P platform so months ago. You can buy cryptocurrency from Luno using their P2P platform where you buy from a seller.

3. PaxFul

Having Over more than a million downloads on Play Store, Paxful is Peer-to-peer platform for buying and selling cryptocurrency.

I like this app because of its escrow feature, you buy cryptocurrency using P2P system with escrow as middle man so NO fear of losing your money.

4. Roqqu

Do you want to buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria without stress? Then Roqqu is a great app to buy cryptocurrency almost instantly. In February 2021, Roqqu launched its seamless P2P system.

It’s a crypto exchange app owned by a Nigerian and it’s legit, the app is among one of the best crypto exchange platform in Nigeria.

5. Quidax

Quidax is another great crypto exchange platform in Nigeria with Peer-to-peer system. You can buy cryptocurrency from Quidax without them fear of getting ban. Recently, Quidax launched their own crypto token and you can check their app on Google play store to see more.


Buying cryptocurrency in Nigeria isn’t difficult at all. Like I mention before, you can’t get ban if you buy cryptocurrency from the platforms P2P listed above. And lastly, I’ll like to mention Flitaa. The Flitaa crypto exchange platform is new but it’s getting more popular, you can read my review on Flitaa here.

Which crypto platform you know that I didn’t mention? Drop your comments below.

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