Airtel PAYU: How to Browse With Airtime on Airtel PAYU/PAYG

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Let me ask you first, what would you do if you are browsing and your data is depleted? I guessed that you will subscribe again or to another Airtel data plan. Did you know that with Airtel PAYU, you can browse with your airtime without the need of purchasing data.

Actually, it’s not new but some people still don’t know it yet. Airtel has been a good network provider in Nigeria, you know what? It’s among the best network providers in Nigeria with aim to give out the best.

I know you like Airtel, I like that network provider too.

According to TechNext in February 2021, Airtel now has a total mobile subscriber base of 55.64 million as against Globacoms 54.84 million. Making Airtel the second most used internet provider in Nigeria after MTN.

Airtel PAYU

You need to enable Airtel PAYU to browse with Airtime on Airtel without data balance.

What is PAYU?

PAYU simply means “Pay As You Use”, it’s Airtel plan to help you access the internet with zero data balance and with sufficient airtime balance. Airtel PAYU isn’t a free browsing cheat, it’s more like browsing with airtime instead of browsing with mobile data.

How Airtel PAYU Works?

You must have sufficient airtime balance to browse flawlessly, because Airtel charges ₦3 per megabyte (₦3 = 1MB). You browse with airtime instead of using data to browse, that’s how its works.

The truth about Airtel PAYU is that it more expensive than normal data, because how can ₦3 is equivalent to 1MB, when there are data plans that gives amazing data with their respective expired dates. The rate for the Airtel PAYU is expensive in my own opinion, because there are better data offer plans to subscribe for.

Globacom PAYG (Pay As You Go) is similar to Airtel PAYU (Pay As You Use), that’s just to inform you incase you have Glo line and you’re willing to browse with airtime balance.

Advantages of Airtel PAYU

Below are the good sides of the Airtel PAYU, actually the only bad side of it is that ₦3/MB is high when to compare with normal data plans. See the list below to know the advantages of the Airtel PAYU;

  1. You can browse without active data balance, you browse with your airtime balance.
  2. At least, you know the rate at which your airtime balance is being consumed (₦3 = 1MB)
  3. You can monitor how much you consume on data because you browse as you use, and the data validity stopped immediately you discontinued your mobile data connection.
  4. No risk of high data consumption

How to Browse With Airtime on Airtel Using Their PAYU Service

Airtel PAYU
  • Dial *400# to activate the Airtel PAYU service on your line
  • You’ll receive a pop-up message that says “Welcome to Airtel PAYU”. That means you can start browse with airtime on your Airtel line without inactive data balance.

In case you don’t receive the welcome message, kindly contact Airtel customer service representative to get it fixed.

You can also opt in for Airtel PAYU when subscribing to Airtel data plan, choose “continue browsing from airtime”, when you see a message like the one below;

Airtel PAYU

Is 4G Available On Airtel PAYU?

You have to ensure that your area has good network coverage for fast internet. Airtel PAYU works best on both 4/3G network with good network coverage so that you don’t experience slow internet connection.

How to Stop Browsing With Airtime on Airtel PAYU

Once you activate the Airtel PAYU service on your Airtel line, then Airtel would continue charging you to browse with airtime only if you don’t opt out. Once you opt in for the PAYU, I can I say it’s like a life contract, you have to opt out to stop Airtel from deducting your airtime balance whenever you’re online.

There are two ways to deactivate the Airtel PAYU and stop Airtel from deducting your airtime balance in the future.

The first way is to instruct the network to stop your data whenever you exhausted your data balance. Normally, Airtel PAYU commence when you run out of data. This is how to do it

  • Dial *141# and choose your preferred data bundle
  • You will be asked, What should happen when your bundle finishes. Select option 1, which says, Stop My Data.

That’s all, whenever you run out of data, your internet browsing stops working and your airtime won’t be deducted.

Now the second way to deactivate Airtel PAYU without stress.

The second method is to deactivate the Airtel PAYU service through USSD code.

  • Kindly dial *400*1#
  • You’ll get a response saying “You have been unsubscribed from Airtel FREE SURF offer“.

The above USSD code is used for deactivating the Airtel PAYU service, and after dialing it the your airtime won’t be deducted anymore.

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